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Media Relations: The basis of every effective campaign is grounded in strategy. AGK Media Group spends a significant amount of time analyzing where our clients have been, where they would like to go and the best course of action to get them there. We carefully mine our client’s assets to create and develop highly effective, targeted media kits. With a strong focus on brand consistency, AGK Media Group hones and develops our client’s messages to resonate with print, broadcast and web 2.0 media. As media specialists we have worked diligently to develop and maintain good relations with the press.

Product Launches:
AGK Media Group is experienced in launching new companies and products in numerous industries. We work on regional, national and international levels to create a grassroots movement geared to growing brand or product awareness in specific target markets. We specialize in working with the media to organize the best possible launch for our clients.

Crisis Communications: AGK Media Group’s Crisis Communications practice focuses on preparation. We develop rapidly implemented media strategy to ethically address a broad array of crisis situations. We work diligently to protect and promote our client’s brand and messaging in all situations.

Brand Strategy:
From media relations to developing the messaging for websites to creation of text for collateral materials, AGK Media Group creates and coordinates the aspects of building and maintaining a strong brand identity. We work closely with our clients marketing departments to consistently integrate our client’s assets. Through time and diligent efforts we work to grow our clients brand identity.

Writing Services: From website content to consumer brochures, our team will develop, update or edit materials that will resonate with your target audience.