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Treanne Gomes
Treanne Gomes
As an account executive, Treanne Gomes oversees an array of clients in various categories that include, finance, trade organizations, trade shows, art shows, green technology and real estate.

For more than two years, Treanne has played a pivotal role in the creative development and implementation of fully-integrated strategic marketing and public relations campaigns that generate media results and strengthen brand awareness. Her educational background and keen interest in Economics, has resulted in a thorough knowledge of financial publications as well as an understanding of current trends and issues. Her and ability to spot and analyze market trends and apply them to public relations campaigns has benefited many clients. In addition, her deep knowledge of the web environment (blogosphere, on-line resources / avenues of information dissemination and social networking) keeps our clients on the forefront of viral public relations and marketing.

Treanne began her career in the field of business development management. Notably, from 2004 until March 2006 Treanne was employed by The Princeton Review, located in Canada in the capacity of Assistant Director of Operations. During her tenure, Treanne was responsible for instituting a complete organizational review and overhaul. She provided valuable expenditure review, analysis and reduction plans, which have resulted in increased profitability, in direct budget savings, and introduction of a more cost-effective strategy for purchasing. She also assessed market trends and generally provided a level of business analysis and advice related to marketing, public relations and expenditures.

Treanne attended the University of Toronto, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1999 and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology.